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Radial Shockwave Pain treatment machine



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How does Shockwave therapy work?
Shockwave therapy works through the application of mechanical pressure pulses that causes cavitations and bubbles to form in the tendon or soft tissue area- typically areas where the blood supply is not able to reach effectively.
The pulses 'disrupt' the tendon or soft tissue, to trigger the body to start to heal itself - a process called revascularization. This makes the tendon more durable, and able to regenerate quickly - bringing better results over the longer term.
It is a safe treatment and an alternative to consider if you are possibly facing the option of a cortisone injection.
Which conditions will Shockwave therapy effectively treat?
Shockwave therapy is for chronic long term injuries that cause serious pain. Typically these are:
Sports injuries
Tennis elbow
Plantar fasciitis
Frozen shoulder
Achilles tendonitis
Ankle, knee, shoulder, wrist injuries

Technical Features:
1. Higher pressure, max pressure to 6 Bar
2. Higher frequency, max energy to 21 Hz
3. Shoot more stable and better continuity
4. Higher configuration  for high-end use
5. The handle is stronger and won't heat during the operation
6. 3 types heads, flat form, focus form, radial form
7. Total 11pcs heads and much stronger, not easy to be broken
8. Esay to change bullet 
9. Easy to maintain
10. Upgrade software with ED therapy
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