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Mutifunctional Facial care and body lift Machine





1.Space 3D Magic Mask

This system uses molecular sieve physical adsorption and analytical techniques for air separation. When the molecular sieve is
pressurized, the nitrogen in the air can be adsorbed, and the remaining unabsorbed oxygen is collected and purified. It is a
high-purity oxygen. Finally, it is applied to the face through a patented space light oxygen mask. Under the cooperation of 3D-LED
cold light, the facial skin can absorb the essence of oxygen and skin care products to make the skin bright and elastic.


2.Aqua peeling
Deep cleansing, thoroughly removes all kinds of impurities, mites and oil residue inside the hair
follicle. At the same time, it provides nutrients to the skin, making the skin moist, delicate and shiny.


3.Bohr effect c&o
The carbon dioxide generated by the large bubbles penetrates into the skin, increases the blood concentration, injects oxygen into
the skin, promotes blood circulation of the skin, increases the activity of the cells, and the metabolism of the skin cells,
effectively eliminating skin waste. thereby achieving cleansing, hydrating, whitening, freckle, Shrinks pores and eliminates


The beauty product is atomized into smaller molecules, which enter the deeper layers of the skin and are fully absorbed by the


It is transported to the epidermis of the skin by high-pressure pulsating water oxygen, allowing the skin to absorb the oxygen
while absorbing oxygen and water.


2-polar,6-polar.Helps introduce products, wrinkle and lift firming skin. It can be applied to the eye area and the face.


It can mix liquefied beauty products through high-speed valves to form ultra-fine mist, spray on the skin and quickly absorb it
by the skin.


RV-S: Remove wrinkles, enhance the face, speed up the absorption of beauty products, and make the skin more shiny.
RV-M,RV-L: Body care, improve skin, firm skin, dissolve fat, lose weight, shape.


9.Cavitation&RF Funation
The rate of radiation and 1M ring technology, penetrating power, can penetrate the skin for body care. Lose weight shaping,
improve skin texture, enhance cell activity, permeability, burn fat, and slim down.


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