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The Jet Peel Facial is simply a "pressure wash" that uses jet technology to deep clean by infusing
saline and oxygen into the skin, leaving it hydrated, exfoliated and feeling refreshed. There is no pain,no downtime and it feels cool and soothing to your skin.
It`s like a mini power washer for the skin! Gently exfoliate the top layers of dry dead skin cells and clean out your pores while hydrating and oxygenating your skin at the same time! NO DOWN TIME and feels great!
This is our most popular treatment to do just before any special occasion. Look refreshed!
This treatment is also great for acne patients because it helps kill the bad bacteria in the skin.
The basic principal is simple: it takes liquid or saline,accelerates it using pressurized air to unique velocities and with a special hand-piece-nozzle breaks the accelerated liquid into micro-droplets.
The jet-stream of micro-droplets gently and painlessly rejuvenates and moisturizes. Receiving routine it treatments will result in fresh and younger looking skin. Facial spots will fade, wrinkles will diminish and scars and stretch marks will clear.
Jet peel Product function
  • Deep cleen for face
  • Pores shrinking for skin
  • Wrinkles remove whiting for face
  • Improve sensibility
  • For face Lifting
  • For skin tightening
  • Skin rejuvenation
Jet Peel Machine Benefit:
1.No pain
100% non-invasive jet streams penetrate the dermis in a totally comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable experience.
2.No downtime
No skin breakage or recovery time is needed. The client leaves the treatment in full comfort and can immediately return to their daily routine.
3.Fast visible results
Instant delivery deep into the dermis means that results are immediate and visible.
4.Fast visible results
Jet Peel therapy is a comfortable and relaxing treatment with the confidence of clinically proven results.
Jet peel Machine Application:
1 Shrink large pores
2 Exfoliate dead skin
3 Get rid of acne
4 Pockmark, black spot, speckle
5 Improve skin roughness
6 Skin that has lost its elasticity
7 Reduce pigmentation on the skin surface
8.Improve fine wrinkles
Technology Water jet peel
Air pressure 6Bar
Power <250W
Packing size 49*52*38CM
Weight 22.5KG
How many Jet Peel treatments are needed?
Jet Peels are usually recommended in a series of treatment sessions.
The actual number will be determined by your Esthetician depending on your individual needs. However, most people are recommended to receive a series of six, 7 to 10 days apart.
Thereafter, maintenance treatments are performed as needed. Jet Peels can be combined with
 and enhance other treatments such as chemical peels and laser resurfacing.
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