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360° Surround Cooling:
360° Surround Cooling Technology unlike the conventional two side cooling methods, increases efficiency by up to 18.1%. Allowing delivery of cooling to the entire cup and in result removes fat cells more effectively.
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The 360 degree cryolipolysis targets unwanted fat by using specially designed applicators and then equally distribute powerful cooling energy to includ apoptosis, or natural death of fat cells, to reduce those stubborn bulges. The fat cells targeted are permanently removed from the body, resulting in a significant reduction of fat in the treated area. This innovative cooling technology is a dramatic leap forward in noninvasi body contouring.
Handles Details Of Fat Freezing 360 cryolipolysis
1.360°cryo handle
Big handle with 4 contours
① #195* 85 mm for waist, thigh.
② #210* 90 mm for the belly, back.
③ #215* 100 mm for waist, thigh.
④ #230* 105 mm for the belly, back, buttock.
Middle handle with 3 contours
⑤ #140* 70 mm for thigh, arm, crus, bra bulges.
⑥ #155* 80 mm for the waist.
⑦ # 165* 90 mm for waist, thigh.
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The Large And Medium Cryo Handles With 7 Size Contours are applied for different fat thickness, different treatment areas, including the hips, flanks, midsection, thighs, and back. Even effective in hard to reach areas like bra bulges and the upper arms. You can choose the suitable cups according to your needs.
2. Chin Handle
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4, Cavitation, RF , Lipo Laser
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